Policy Team

Natalie Collard, Executive General Manager, Industry Development
Mark Bretherton, Media Manager
Darren Gladman, Director, Smart Energy
Tom Butler, Director, Energy Transformation
Maryanne Coffey, Policy and Product Coordinator
Emma White, Policy Researcher
Bruce Shepherdley, Product Specialist
Udhara Weerasinghe, Product Specialist
Sandy Pulsford, Product Specialist

Member Services Team

Andreas Wenzel, Digital & Communications Manager
Matt Hadley, Communications Coordinator
Sasha Pell, Event and Sponsorship Manager
Rebecca Varcoe, Event Coordinator
Juanita Farrington, Membership Services Coodinator
Natalya Maller, Member Services Officer
Dermot Costello, Regional Advisor, WA

Corporate Services Team

David Sanders, Executive General Manager, Corporate Services
Anna Sexton, Code of Conduct & Compliance Manager
Meredith Gardner, Code of Conduct Officer
Marie Robinson, Accountant and Payroll Supervisor
Pat McCoy, Reception/Admin Assistant

Accreditation Team

Sandy Atkins, Executive General Manager, Installation Integrity
Beth Rosenberg, Accreditation Coordinator
Caitlin Apthorpe, Accreditation Officer
Louise Munday, Accreditation Officer
Luke Pickles, Technical and Compliance Specialist
Pat Southwell, Technical and Compliance Specialist
James Patterson, Technical Support
Gavin Crabtree, Technical Support