Industry Development Team

Natalie Collard, Executive General Manager, Industry Development
Lillian Patterson, Director, Energy Transformation 
Emma White, Policy Researcher
Mark Bretherton, Media Manager
Katherine Melitsis, Communications and Industry Development Assistant
Anna Freeman, Director Energy Generation and Strategic Engagement
Janine Twyman Mills, Project, Policy & Advocacy Officer
Maryanne Coffey, Project and Policy Manager
Charlotte Shannon, Project and Policy Officer
Darren Gladman, Director, Smart Energy
Beth Rosenberg, Product Manager
Bruce Shepherdley, Product Specialist
Udhara Weerasinghe, Product Specialist
Sandy Pulsford, Product Specialist
Kanika Burdak, Product Specialist
Bron Oliver-Holdgate, Product Specialist

Member Services Team

Nikki Potter, Executive General Manager, Member Services
Andreas Wenzel, Digital and Communications Manager
Matt Hadley, Communications Coordinator
Nicola Beavan, Marketing Assistant
Sasha Pell, Event and Sponsorship Manager
Finn Robertson, Event Program Coordinator
Hanna Roderick, Events Administrator
Juanita Farrington, Membership Services Coordinator
Natalya Maller, Member Services Officer
Tom Forrest, Member Services Administrator
Ross O’Sullivan, Digital Project Manager
Dermot Costello, Regional Advisor, WA

Corporate Services Team

David Sanders, Executive General Manager, Corporate Services
Anna Sexton, Code of Conduct and Compliance Manager
Mindy Lim, Code of Conduct Manager                           
Meredith Gardner, Code of Conduct Officer
Marie Robinson, Accountant and Payroll Supervisor
Sarah Chahine, EA/Office Manager
Madhu Rani, Reception/Admin Assistant

Installation Integrity Team

Louise Munday, Team Leader - Administration
Caitlin Apthorpe, Accreditation Officer
Karyn Erickson, Accreditation  Officer
Angelica Ruiz, Accreditation Officer
Luke Pickles, Acting Lead - Stakeholder Engagement
Pat Southwell, Acting Team Leader - Technical
James Patterson, Technical Support
Gavin Crabtree, Technical Support
Robbie Nichols, Technical Support
Michael Shaughnessy, Technical Support
Allen Burrows, Technical Support

People and Culture Team

Serena Gleeson, Executive General Manager, People and Culture
Kristy Brear, People and Culture Co-ordinator