The Clean Energy Council is pleased to work with fellow renewable energy groups to promote the advancement of gender equality throughout our industry. The following guidelines provide information for those interested in working with us to hold a Women in Renewables event.

What do we support?

The Women in Renewables initiative is open to partnering with organisations with a connection to the renewable energy industry. In 2018 our focus will be on practical training, and the ongoing connections women in the industry can make through networking. Companies looking to host networking and training events are encouraged to get in touch with us.

The Clean Energy Council expects that any event wanting to be held in collaboration with the Women in Renewables initiative would be one that fulfils the following:

  • Is relevant to the clean energy industry
  • If it is part of another event, that this is an event endorsed by, or somehow involving, the Clean Energy Council
  • That the event has been discussed with, and approved by, the Clean Energy Council. Event proposals to be submitted as a one-page event outline.
  • Invitations must be sent through the official Clean Energy Council Women In Renewables mailing list
  • The event must be promoted through Clean Energy Council channels

What we can’t provide

It is important to note that the Women in Renewables initiative is a Clean Energy Council program designed to promote advancement of gender equality throughout our industry. While we look to other organisations to work with us to make this happen, it is not a tool to be used for promotion for your business. Clean Energy Council resources will be used to promote Women in Renewables events that are in the best interests of the program and are designed thoughtfully and thoroughly.

If you would like to hold a Women in Renewables networking event, we cannot provide budget for these events.

Get in touch
If you are interested in holding a Women in Renewables event, please email