Our goal is to take Women in Renewables to the next level of action as we work together to make the renewables industry a leader in gender diversity in the work place.

To do this we have developed a Leaders’ Pledge through which members of the clean energy industry have the opportunity to support and actively demonstrate their commitment and belief in the proven value and importance of achieving gender diversity.

The Leaders' Pledge is a commitment to do three things:

1 – Step up as an inclusive leader

I recognise that as a leader in my organisation, others look to me for direction, not only in terms of business needs, but also my behaviour, ethics, and standards. I pledge to be an example for change, demonstrate inclusive behaviours and actions and embed inclusive policies and procedures, within the scope of my role.

2 – Take the Panel Pledge

I recognise that, to be successful, our industry requires a diversity of authoritative, influential voices.

As a sign of my commitment to actively encourage women’s voices, I hereby take the Panel Pledge and will not participate in forums or panels that do not embrace gender diversity.

3 – Promote the achievements of women

I recognise that this is a change mission, and that an important way I can influence others to embrace the proven value and importance of gender diversity is to acknowledge the achievements of women in my network. You will see me do this by acknowledging achievements in the workplace, my use of social media, nominating talented women in my network for recognition and awards programs or any other means at my disposal. Importantly, I am actively seeking opportunities to acknowledge and encourage women’s achievements and participation.

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