19 October, 20172017-10-19T01:30:00
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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) will meet with the CEC to discuss the current constraints on wind generation.

The CEC understands that AEMO’s current practice to constrain wind generation is leading to significant losses for some wind farms. We have arranged for AEMO’s senior staff responsible for this decision to attend a meeting with CEC members to explain their reasoning for this constraint.

See below for a list of AEMO staff attending:

  • Damien Sanford, Executive General Manager Operations
  • Christian Schaeffer, General Manager Systems Capability
  • Stuart Allott, General Manager Communications
  • Luke Robinson, Manager Network Development
  • Babak Badrzadeh, Specialist Network Models

AEMO is constraining wind generation in South Australia relative to the number of synchronous generators online at the time.

In summary, this constraint prevents wind generation from exceeding 1200 MW unless four or more synchronous generation units are online. This is resulting in reduced competition and higher wholesale prices, largely as a result of market power issues due to the small number of synchronous generator operators in South Australia.

The impact of this constraint is expected to now be over 65 GWh of lost wind generation (see here), along with a cost from higher wholesale prices in South Australia.

AEMO has released a report that presents its analysis of the system strength in South Australia. The report states AEMO’s conclusions that the system is not secure unless certain combinations of thermal units are online. The report provides one example of a low system strength scenario where a synchronous generator tripping may trigger a second unit to trip when it should ride through.

Continuous uninterrupted operation

The meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss a recent decision to change AEMO’s interpretation of the defined term ‘continuous uninterrupted operation’ when negotiating connections under NER clause S5.2.5.4, which the CEC understands is impacting connection negotiations and some projects that are under construction.