Hear the latest in technical excellence from experts in the wind industry. Check the program below to see the range of topics that will be covered.


  • This session will feature experienced experts on some of the recently revealed challenges with integrating wind into the NEM. It considers the need for significant reform, along with an update on the AEMC's System Security Market Frameworks Review which will look to ensure that system security is maintained in step with the changing technological landscape.

  • This session looks at the latest developments in wind measurement and modelling, including onshore wake validation and the use of CFD in stable atmospheric conditions.

  • This session looks in detail at the capability of wind farms to provide control and ancillary services and how these capabilities have already been harnesses in overseas markets.

  • Always an important topic for those operating wind farms, this session will consider how to make the most of a wind farm. Topics include improvements to precontruction energy yeild assessments, elevating the role of operational data across a whole business, and even the role of big data in developing and operating wind farms.

  • This session will focus on transmission connections and ongoing and recent changes to the connections frameworks that will increase renewable energy opportunities, connection efficiency, competition and reduce connection costs.

  • This is a packed session hearing from experts on all sides of planning and approvals. Come along to hear an update on recent planning policy and legislative changes, as well as a discussion on decommissioning and aviation planning. We've also got advice from an expert planning consultant and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning's approvals team.

  • Come along to hear about the latest developments in wind turbine technology and performance monitoring. This session will hear about technical innovations including blade design, bearings and reconciling the difference between output and performance monitoring.

  • This session is about ensuring wind farms are built efficiently and to the highest possible standard. Discussions will include applicable Australian Standards to look for, a contractor's perspective on Balance of Plant construction issues, and ways to optimise your wind farm by involving contractors early.