It has been fantastic to see federal Liberal MP Sarah Henderson standing up for Australia’s Renewable Energy Target recently.

This policy has helped to create more than 20,000 jobs, many of which are in regional parts of the country. Producing renewable energy from our wind, sun, waves and more just makes sense to people.

It is generally supported by more than three-quarters of the population – which is why renewable energy tends to poll its solar panels off in opinion surveys.

Ms Henderson’s Corangamite electorate is blessed with an abundance of wind energy resources and includes dozens of small businesses employing hundreds of qualified solar panel installers. It is also home to almost 25,000 solar power and solar water heating systems.

The Renewable Energy Target is driving innovation, something the greater Geelong region needs as it rises to the challenge of major changes in the manufacturing and automotive sector.

IXL Solar is a good example of this transformation, with operations in South Australia and Geelong. It used to produce parts for car manufacturing and is now busily manufacturing parts for several huge solar power farms being built in New South Wales. It is a fantastic reminder of how innovative companies can respond to the big changes we are facing.

If we weren’t using renewable energy, we would also have to rely on more gas for our electricity. Economic analysis undertaken by ACIL Allen for the Federal Government found the Renewable Energy Target would actually save consumers money in the long run, as it would help shield us from rapidly rising gas prices.

Sarah Henderson can obviously tell which way the wind is blowing in her region. And she joins the vast majority of Australians, as well as renewable energy businesses and workers in her electorate, that are all pushing even harder for a transition to a cleaner, smarter energy system.

Kane Thornton
Acting Chief Executive