The Clean Energy Council and Australian Aluminium Council today called on the Australian Government and Australian Labor Party to resolve the current Renewable Energy Target (RET) crisis, and provide much needed certainty to both the Australian renewable energy and aluminium sectors.

The Clean Energy Council and Australian Aluminium Council are urging both major political parties to come together to seek a resolution to the current impasse.

We believe that a negotiated outcome is critical, and indeed possible, by providing a full RET exemption for aluminium smelting while still providing a strong target that supports the future of renewable energy in Australia. These two industries provide tens of thousands of jobs with massive flow-on benefits to local communities across the country.
Importantly, both major political parties are united in recognising the pressing need for aluminium smelting to be exempted from the RET. This can be achieved while also supporting a strong target for renewable energy in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council and Australian Aluminium Council believe a balanced approach to resolving the current impasse is possible and urge the major parties to do this as quickly as possible.

The future of two of Australia's most important industries is at stake.

Miles Prosser, Chief Executive, Australian Aluminium Council
Kane Thornton, Acting Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council

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Miles Prosser, Australian Aluminium Council 0429 923 605
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