A weekend pledge by Tasmanian Liberal Leader Will Hodgman to lobby for retaining Australia's Renewable Energy Target in its current form if elected as the state's Premier was extremely welcome, the Clean Energy Council's Chief Executive David Green said today.

Mr Green said the Renewable Energy Target was a federal policy that had driven substantial economic benefits for many states, including a collective $18.5 billion in investment and tens of thousands of jobs – and at a relatively low cost to consumers.

"Australia's Renewable Energy Target is currently under review and the prospect of changes to the policy is causing uncertainty for investors that want to back major solar, wind, bioenergy, hydro and other projects," Mr Green said.

"Mr Hodgman clearly recognises the benefits renewable energy has brought to Tasmania. The Apple Isle sources the majority of its power from renewables such as hydro, wind and solar.

"The Renewable Energy Target has had cross-party support since it was introduced by former Prime Minister John Howard in 2001, and it is particularly welcome to see leading public figures such as Will Hodgman speak out about its many benefits.

"The policy also acts as an insurance policy against the increasing price of gas, which is projected to triple during this decade," he said.

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