Claims that axing the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) would provide significant price relief on household electricity bills are both wrong and short-sighted, the Clean Energy Council said today.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive David Green said VEET was one of only a few public programs that helped households save on their power bill, delivering an average benefit of $308 over the first five years of the program for those in the scheme – as well as supporting thousands of jobs.

“The program is getting through to those that need it most and previous studies have shown that it is working well at a low cost,” Mr Green said.

“Two out of every five households in the program have below-average incomes and a third are on some form of welfare.

“The government has done substantial work on improving the safeguards in the scheme and improving its efficiency, and for that it is to be congratulated. But all this will be wasted if it were to abolish a scheme that it doubled following the last election,” he said.

The VEET scheme has reduced energy costs for approximately 1.3 million households and businesses. It also supports thousands of jobs in Victoria’s economy, from businesses that install energy efficient products or provide consulting services to manufacturers and suppliers.

Mr Green said ‘secret’ modelling released to the media should be fully released for public scrutiny.

“Previous studies of the scheme show that the target is working well at a low cost and provides a net public benefit, both in terms of household savings and the economic activity it creates. I am confident that any objective study will show the same thing,” he said.

“VEET reduces the upfront costs of investing in energy efficiency products, which is particularly important for low income households who are struggling with their bills.”

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