Victoria’s Renewable Energy Roadmap will stand the state in good stead to create new jobs, modernise its electricity sector and take full advantage of the coming energy storage revolution, the Clean Energy Council said today.

Clean Energy Council Policy Manager Alicia Webb said more than $40 billion worth of investment and 15,200 jobs were available under the federal Renewable Energy Target (RET), and those states that moved to create a more appealing investment environment would ultimately attract the greatest economic benefit.

“While the RET is a great start, Victoria has recognised that there is plenty of scope to go above and beyond the national target with this policy and build a smarter, cleaner, more modern economy,” Ms Webb said.

“For a state whose economy is so heavily reliant on brown coal to set a renewable energy target of at least 20 per cent by the end of the decade is very ambitious, and the government should be congratulated for showing such strong national leadership.”

Ms Webb said the world was moving away from fossil fuels, and Victoria was positioning itself well to be competitive in a low-carbon world.

“Updated analysis from the Federal Government in 2013 shows that renewable energy such as solar and wind will be among the cheapest of any energy source within a decade. The challenge is that we have an over-supply of out-dated and inefficient power plants that were built by the taxpayer many decades ago,” she said.

“When Australia’s brown coal capital recognises the potential of clean energy jobs and investment for the state’s future, it is a sign that change to a more modern energy system is inevitable – the main questions remaining are how fast the transition will happen and how that process can best be managed.

“The roadmap also addresses important areas such as difficulties in connecting renewable energy generation to the grid, encouraging solar in public housing, and the recognition that the full economic and environmental benefits of solar, distributed energy and storage have not yet been fully acknowledged.

“The promotion of the Clean Energy Council’s Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct as a way to improve standards for consumers is also extremely welcome.”

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