Clean Energy Council Accreditation Manager Sandy Atkins has been appointed co-chair of the Standards Australia EL-042 committee, demonstrating the Clean Energy Council’s strong commitment to safety and standards in the solar and storage sectors.

The EL-042 committee is responsible for power supply standards, stand-alone and grid-connected, that incorporate renewable energy sources and/or energy storage. This includes specifying requirements for safety, performance, installation, maintenance and fitness for purpose, and covers solar PV and inverter installations.

The Clean Energy Council has been a member of this committee since it was created, and has invested significant resources in ensuring standards reflect industry best practice and are safe and practical to implement.

The Clean Energy Council looks forward to playing a leadership role in the important work to be addressed by the committee, including the revision of AS 4777 and the new battery standard AS/NZS 5139.

Sandy will co-chair the committee alongside Nigel Wilmot from Western Power, who is representing the Energy Networks Association (ENA). The EL-042 committee had been chaired for the past 10 years by Ted Spooner, who stepped down from the role in September 2014. We would like to acknowledge the leadership, time and effort that Ted dedicated to the committee.