Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton was in Perth last week for the COAG Energy Council meeting, and the message from many stakeholders at the event was clear – our institutions and regulators need to move much more rapidly to keep up with changes in our energy markets.

Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane chaired the meeting, which was attended by Energy Ministers from across the country, about 50 senior industry folk and dozens of key advisors and officials.

There was strong consensus on the need to integrate energy and climate policy and set a sensible long-term vision for the energy sector, and renewables was the dominant theme and topic of discussion.

While not everyone at the table was 100 per cent supportive of our sector, there was agreement on the need for the Energy Council and many institutions to move faster to prepare for the inevitability and impact of ‘disruptive’ technology.

The CEC will engage more closely with many of these government and industry stakeholders in the coming months. We will also release our long-term vision for the renewable energy sector to members soon, which will set out our key policy asks for the future – watch this space for more details.