Have you ever wondered where in Victoria you can go to find an olive pit and skins waste stream?

Or what about kerbside green waste? Or even woody stems from cut flowers?

The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure, or AREMI, project has published a brand new layer in its national map that shows bioenergy resources in Victoria.

For generators, communities or anyone else considering their renewable energy options, this new layer is a helpful way to find options beyond the usual wind and solar resources.

The bioenergy resources are grouped by category, including agricultural and forestry residues, animal waste, food manufacturing waste, and the appealing-sounding waste-water biosolids.

Get to know the dirtier side of clean energy in Victoria by clicking here to view the map.

Small amounts of bioenergy resource data is also available in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Queensland sugarcane region. Resources in other states will be added as the data becomes available.

Map showing Victorian bioenergy resources - olive pits and skins, grape skins and fruit processing residues

Victorian bioenergy resources: Olive pits and skins, grape skins, and fruit processing residues