The Clean Energy Council has always been a strong believer in having a high level of standards to ensure systems are installed safely.

Having appropriate and robust standards is one of the building blocks for maintaining industry integrity, and also making sure the community is protected.

With battery storage becoming more popular and affordable by the day, setting appropriate standards for safe installation is vital. The Clean Energy Council is leading this work on behalf of the entire battery storage industry.

Accreditation Manager Sandy Atkins is Co-Chair of the Australian Standards committee responsible for a new standard for battery storage installation. Additionally Sandy is the ‘drafting leader’ for the creation of AS/NZS 5139, the standard covering battery storage installation. Some of the standards relating to battery installation requirements are up to 20 years old, which is why the Clean Energy Council has been doing a lot of work to make sure the industry has standards that reflect the current technologies.

The Clean Energy Council's 'Grid-Connected Energy Systems with Battery Storage' guidelines, released earlier this year, are the basis for our input to this standards process.

This is just one example of how the Clean Energy Council is leading the way and doing the hard yards on battery storage. For more information or to get involved in our work on storage, contact