Australia's energy markets are undergoing a rapid transformation as we move towards a greater share of renewable energy technologies to meet the legislated Renewable Energy Target.

This transformation will only accelerate as public, technical and economic pressures build to close the country's conventional coal generator fleet.

The CEC has over many years, cemented its position at the forefront of the national policy conversation and we are now taking steps to focus on the energy transformation by establishing a Market Directorate. Following a significant increase in the debate around power system security and energy market reform the Market Directorate's main priorities will include aspects of technical knowledge, market design and communications.

Like other established directorates the Market Directorate will include senior members representing all renewable technologies and enabling technologies (for e.g. energy storage and demand management). The CEC will leverage off the diverse expertise and insights of this group to inform our work, while ensuring the views of industry are represented.

The Market Directorate's immediate focus will be to engage with the market reform and power system security work ongoing through the Australian Energy Market Commission, Australian Energy Market Operator and the COAG Energy Council. Moving forwards the CEC will engage with this directorate to develop a roadmap for Australia's energy market to facilitate a zero emission energy system.

This work was previously discussed in the Grid Directorate, which will continue to operate. The introduction of the Market Directorate will enable an increased focus in both work areas.

The first meeting of the Market Directorate will be held in early October. If you are a corporate or sponsoring CEC member and would like to join the Market Directorate, contact Tom Butler.

For more details on how your company can influence policy through CEC Directorates and have an impact on the national energy conversation, visit the Directorates page.