The Queensland Government has announced modest but welcome improvements to its approach toward feed-in tariffs for the state’s solar households.

Clean Energy Council Director of Smart Energy, Darren Gladman, said the changes will affect customers in the Ergon network and included payments that vary at different times.

“Basically, households with solar power systems will be paid more when the electricity they produce is worth more to the electricity grid,” Mr Gladman said.

“Ergon customers in future will have the choice of adopting a feed-in tariff which varies during different times, and includes 'peak' and 'off-peak' payments. Unlike the structure recently flagged in Victoria however, there will not be a ‘critical peak’ component.

“In another move that will benefit small businesses, the upper eligibility threshold for payments will be raised from 5 kilowatts to 30 kilowatts.”

Mr Gladman said south-east Queensland feed-in tariffs will remain deregulated and set by individual electricity retailers.

The Queensland Government will also consider the recommendations of the Victorian Essential Services Commission on recognising the network value of distributed generation to the power network.