The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI) project is a collaboration between the Clean Energy Council, National ICT Australia (NICTA) and Geoscience Australia.

The NICTA-led project provides open access to spatial data relevant for the development of renewable energy projects.

The aim of the AREMI platform is to assist renewable energy developers by providing a ‘one stop shop’ for all relevant open geospatial data from government and research.

Renewable energy project developers will be able to freely access spatial information such as ground and resource measurements and availability of existing infrastructure to assist with site identification.

State and local governments will be able to use the information to assist with environmental and regulatory planning approvals, as well as for tracking and promoting projects in their region.

The AREMI platform will make it easier for financiers and investors to ascertain the success of a proposed venture and will also act as a repository for other ARENA-funded mapping projects.

You can explore the AREMI platform below or access it in full screen on the NICTA website. The platform is still being developed with new layers being added regularly.

The map below is pre-selected to show live NEM power generation. You can click on each power station for detailed information on their energy production. You can also click on the legend in the left column for information on the colour representations on the map; with power stations marked as red running at a very high percenatage of their maximum capacity and those marked in blue at a very low percentage of their maximum capacity.


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What is the technology?

The AREMI platform looks like google earth, with layers of data and information that can be turned on and off. The open source, three-dimensional mapping platform will convert and visually display information in a web browser without the need for external software or plugins.

For example, it may be used to compare mapping data; geothermal and land use data from Geoscience Australia; water and climate data from the Bureau of Meteorology; solar data from other ARENA projects; and statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Users will also be able to overlay multiple sets of data such as population, infrastructure, power utilities and protected habitats or even their own internal data services.

Work on the project commenced in September 2014 with completion scheduled in July 2016.

NICTA has partnered with Geoscience Australia and the Clean Energy Council on the AREMI project. Geoscience Australia will provide hosting for the AREMI platform, while the Clean Energy Council is working as industry liaison partner.

We're keen to hear your feedback on this tool. Please have a look at it and then get back to us. You can email feedback to Alicia Webb at the Clean Energy Council, or directly to the AREMI project team.