The Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, believes that the future of Australia’s power supply is at risk. And we need your help to get our politicians working together to keep the lights on.

Bipartisan support for a Clean Energy Target is essential to drive new investment in electricity generation but the government is wavering, ignoring the Chief Scientist’s warning.

Luckily MPs still listen to the voters in their electorate. By emailing your MP, you can let your local member know you want them to support a Clean Energy Target and protect Australia’s energy future. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

Most of Australia’s power comes from coal-fired power plants, more than half of which have passed their planned operating life. That means that your power prices will continue to rise thanks to a lack of investment in new forms of clean power generation to replace these old plants.

The issue is made worse because the Federal Government hasn’t locked in a long-term energy policy that also delivers carbon abatement beyond 2020. If the government can’t deliver a long-term national policy, the market will remain too volatile and risky for private investors to lay down the billions of dollars needed for new generation to ensure energy security into the coming decades.

That could leave us with nothing to replace the old fossil fuel generators, creating an energy shortage and potentially leaving some Australians in the dark.

Dr Finkel says the problem has become dire and politicians need to understand the cost of continued policy uncertainty and inaction. Australia’s Chief Scientist alongside his expert panel have recommended a policy to manage Australia’s energy transition and provide investment confidence. The Clean Energy Target balances investment in new clean energy generation with coal retirements and the national carbon emissions abatement targets needed to tackle the threat of a changing climate.

The future of our nation’s power supply is too important to be threatened by political squabbling – fill out the form below and tell our politicians to get on with the job.