The grid connection process is a crucial and complex stage of any prospective or active generation project.

For this reason, we are constantly working to have the best possible resources and information available for new connections of all generator sizes.

It is essential that:

  • the grid connection process can be streamlined as much as possible
  • generators can connect under fair and reasonable terms and conditions
  • risks and costs can be appropriately managed by generators.

Small-scale grid connection

This section is for small generators (such as household solar) that use an AS 4777-compliant inverter. It mainly applies to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems but can also include small wind projects. Here you'll find an outline of the simplified connection process that each Australian distributor uses to connect these generators to the grid.

More information on small-scale grid connection (Solar Accreditation website)

Medium-scale grid connection

This section details the connection process followed by Australia's distributors and includes the Embedded Generation Connection Guide, which provides high-level information on the process and requirements for each distributor.

There are also links to our work on increasing the efficiency of the connection process and industry engagement on understanding technical connection requirements.

More information on medium-scale grid connection

Large-scale grid connection

This section details our work on transmission network connections for large-scale projects up to hundreds of megawatts.

More information on large-scale grid connection