Large-scale generation projects connect under specified terms as outlined by Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Rules.

In general, these projects range from 5 MW up to hundreds of megawatts and connect to the high-voltage transmission and sub-transmission networks.

The rules include well-established generator technical performance standards in terms of minimum, negotiated and automatic access standards which facilitate generation technology-agnostic connection requirements.

The connection process itself is highly technical and involves detailed commercial and legal input. We recommend that any new entrant to this area seeks independent expert advice to understand possible challenges.

2013-14 Comprehensive Review of Technical Standards

The Australian Energy Market Commission's (AEMC's) Reliability Panel will be undertaking a detailed review of technical standards for new large-scale generator connections to the National Electricity Market during 2013-14.

AEMC Transmission Frameworks Review Final Report

In April 2013, the AEMC completed its three-year review of transmission frameworks, including connection processes and arrangements.

Its final report summarises its recommendations for future changes to the frameworks. These include enhancing contestability and clarifying the rules to remove ambiguity.

Download the Transmission Frameworks Review documents