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Our Team

Industry Development

Industry Development

The Industry Development team is the powerhouse of the policy and advocacy work we do on behalf of the clean energy industry. With a diversity of experience, they balance technical, political and social licence expertise to contribute positively to the long-term development and growth of the industry.

Working with all the talent in the industry and our team to drive Australia's transformation to a cleaner energy future.

Lillian Patterson

Director, Energy Transformation

It’s an inspiration and a privilege to be in an industry that is creating new ways to satisfy people’s energy needs and combating climate change.

Darren Gladman

Director, Smart Energy

What’s not to love about promoting clean energy developments, which helps the environment, creates jobs and drives regional development?

Anna Freeman

Director Energy Generation and Strategic Engagement

Clean energy is the future. I love being part of the team which is helping to take us there.

Mark Bretherton

Media Director

I’m proud to work for a company who leads the way through diversity and inclusion to help create a better, smarter and cleaner future for all.

Maryanne Coffey

Project and Policy Manager

I love the work we do for Women in Renewables and that no two days are the same!

Katherine Melitsis

Communications and Industry Development Assistant

I enjoy working with other passionate people to transition Australia from our reliance on fossil fuels towards a sustainable energy system.

Tom Parkinson

Policy, Project and Advocacy Officer

Clean energy is a key tangible and economic solution to climate change and I love that the industry challenges me to grow and evolve with it.

Charlotte Shannon

Project and Policy Officer

I enjoy being part of a committed crew of dedicated people, learning daily, and that encourages a great work/life balance.

Norman Jip

Policy Officer

Member Services

Member Services

The Member Services team facilitates the delivery of value to CEC members. The team services our members, delivers industry leading events nationally and keeps the industry informed and engaged with the work of the CEC and the industry more widely.

It’s inspiring to be part of a community that is committed to having a positive impact on the future of the environment, society and the planet.

Nikki Potter

Executive General Manager, Member Services

I'm pretty lucky to work in an exciting industry full of passionate people that are creating a better future for Australia.

Andreas Wenzel

Digital and Communications Manager

Working with a passionate team to inform and educate people about the clean energy industry is really rewarding.

Sasha Pell

Event and Sponsorship Manager

I love working in an industry that feels so much like a family, with passionate and talented colleagues who are so invested in their work.

Juanita Farrington

Membership Manager

It’s great to be delivering so many events that are engaging and relevant to a diverse range of members and stakeholders.

Hanna Roderick

Event Coordinator

It’s nice to work in an industry where you feel like you’ve made the world a slightly better place when you leave the office each day.

Matt Hadley

Communications Coordinator

I’m proud to be a part of a company that actively works towards a cleaner, sustainable future. The CEC is a great place to work.

Shannan Jones

Member Services Officer

It’s inspiring to working towards change that will better our planet. The CEC represents a community who are so energised by what they do it's infectious.

Nicola Beavan

Marketing Assistant

Renewable Energy? I’m a big fan

Finn Robertson

Event Program Coordinator

It’s great developing and delivering digital solutions and platforms that will make Australia’s energy future cleaner, more sustainable and secure.

Ross O’Sullivan

Digital Project Manager

It’s the culinary skills and laughs shared at lunch club and of course, working with a passionate team dedicated to making a difference for Australia.

Natalya Maller

Member Services Officer

To be part of an important industry organisation to the industry such as the CEC is exhilarating. We lead, change and shape the future.

Dermot Costello

Regional Advisor, WA

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is made up of two teams. Corporate services take care of us and ensure the smooth running of the CEC as a business. The Code of Conduct team run the Approved Solar Retailer program, an industry-leading initiative that is assuring the quality of solar installations across Australia.

It’s great to work in such a vibrant industry with so many innovative, passionate and forward-thinking people, like those at the CEC.

David Sanders

Executive General Manager, Corporate Services

It is inspiring to work with the many passionate experts that support the CEC in its drive to advance the renewable energy industry.

Anna Sexton

Compliance and Risk Manager

I really like working with a wonderful team and having a job that is stimulating and challenging.

Mindy Lim

Code of Conduct Manager

Working with a great team to encourage industry best practice within the renewable energy sector and in turn increase, consumer confidence is really rewarding.

Marissa Rundle

Code of Conduct Coordinator

I enjoy working at the Clean Energy Council because we all share the same vision. We are committed to making a difference and dedicated to the mission!

Marie Robinson

Accountant and Payroll Supervisor

Coming from a different professional background, clean energy is refreshing and full of potential. Exciting!

Raymond Wei Lu

Code of Conduct Coordinator

My role in the Code of Conduct team is rewarding as I’m genuinely contributing to raising standards and ethics in the solar retail space.

Caitlin Apthorpe

Code of Conduct Coordinator

The thing I like most about the CEC is its initiatives in promoting and building awareness of clean energy. I love being part of the clean energy mission.

Madhu Rani

Reception/Office Administrator

Being Part of a Team who are dedicated in their endeavour to deliver to Australia, clean energy.

Lee Brookman

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

The people are my favourite – they make work a pleasure plus the family-friendly flexible working arrangements. The work is challenging, varied and rewarding.

Meredith Gardner

Senior Code of Conduct Coordinator

My favourite aspect of working for the Clean Energy Council is being part of Australia’s renewable energy transformation.

Harry Smythe

Code of Conduct Coordinator

Industry Integrity

Industry Integrity

The Industry Integrity team work to uphold the integrity of the solar and energy storage industries through the Accredited Installer and Approved Products programs. This team’s exceptional technical knowledge is industry leading and has played a huge part in ensuring consumer confidence in the solar industry.

The team, everyone is so passionate about the industry and it shows through their hard work! I'm very proud to be a part of the CEC family.

Louise Munday

Team Leader - Accreditation Administration

Working at the CEC enables me to have a positive influence on many people and organisations in an industry I love. It’s very rewarding!

Pat Southwell

Technical Team Leader – Installation Integrity

Doing my part. The science is unequivocal - we need to find a more sustainable and renewable way of powering our world.

Beth Rosenberg

Product Manager

Installing solar can be challenging. At the CEC, I get to see the problems in the industry and help solve them.

James Patterson

Technical Support

I like applying my knowledge to a well-deserved industry to create an impact for future generations and working with a fun and friendly team!

Karyn Erickson

Accreditation Officer

I’m proud being part of the CEC Industry Integrity team. A passionate team helping the industry maintain quality installation standards.

Robbie Nichols

Technical Support

My passion is fostering quality and professionalism in solar installations. The CEC provides me opportunities for that.

Sandy Pulsford

Product Testing and Compliance Specialist

Renewable energy is booming and I cherish the opportunity to make the world a cleaner, greener and better place to live.

Kanika Burdak

Product Program Specialist

Wonderful colleagues, who daily demonstrate how a wide range of skills and abilities can contribute to improving our clean energy future.

Bruce Shepherdley

Product Program Specialist

Working in an organisation full of passionate, knowledgeable and hardworking individuals that strive to improve an ever-changing industry.

Angelica Ruiz

Accreditation Officer

The sense of community within the office and that we are all working together for a common goal.

Bron Oliver-Holdgate

Product Program Specialist

So lucky to join the renewable energy industry which gives me the chance to contribute to the protection of the environment with a group of people who love it

Wei Xia

Product Program Specialist

People and Culture

People and Culture

People and culture ensure the Clean Energy Council has the best personnel on the job working towards Australia’s clean energy transformation.

I love working in a dynamic industry, with a bunch of passionate people who are united in making a difference to Australia’s future.

Serena Gleeson

Executive General Manager, People and Culture

It is inspiring to work with motivated people who combine their strengths to drive positive change.

Kristy Brear

People and Culture Coordinator