The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia.

The vision of the Clean Energy Council is an Australia powered by clean energy.

Our purpose is to lead and support the growth of the clean energy sector in Australia.

Our definition of clean energy

We represent renewable energy and energy storage. These are defined as follows:

Renewable energy

  • All sources of renewable energy including hydro, solar, wind, marine, geothermal and bioenergy. All technologies and projects should comply with relevant laws and regulations in that jurisdiction.
  • Other low-emission sources with a very low carbon footprint such as:
    • fuel cell technology
    • high efficiency cogeneration/trigeneration using natural gas
    • hydrogen and storage technology
    • waste coal mine gas.
  • We will not support fossil fuel-based energy generation including:
    • traditional coal-fired electricity generation
    • large scale, 100 per cent gas-fired generation (including from coal seam methane gas)
    • carbon capture and storage.

We will not support nuclear generation technology given it is broadly considered to be non-renewable and is currently prohibited in Australia.

Technologies outside of these definitions will not be directly represented by us.