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How many scholarships are available?

A total of 10 scholarships will be awarded in 2022. This includes 3 places in the Executive Ready course, a seven-month development program for middle to senior leaders and 7 places in the Leading Edge program, a four-month development program for early career leaders and managers.

Does this scholarship cover full course fees?

Yes, the scholarship is fully funded. Recipients or employers are not required to supplement any course costs.

Can I submit an application for both courses?

No, you may only submit an application for one. The courses meet different professional development needs. Please ensure you read about each course to decide which is best suited for you.

How can I find out more about the structure of each course, time commitments and which course is best suited to me?

If you have any questions on the courses offered, please call the Women & Leadership Australia’s admissions team on 1300 735 904.

When does the course take place?

There are several intakes throughout the year. Recipients can select a course that suits their schedule and are required to enrol by 30 June 2023. For more information on what dates are available, please call the Women & Leadership Australia’s admissions team on 1300 735 904.

Who should I address my cover letter to?

There are several people reviewing applications. We suggest you address your letter ‘To Whom It May Concern’.

I don’t understand the selection criteria. Do you have any examples?

Please create an account in our application portal. Once you have entered you will see further information here and examples of items you might consider noting in your cover letter.

Leading Edge course Selection Criteria #2

(Possess a minimum of 12 months experience in a field relating to renewable energy, energy management or carbon abatement)

I’m not sure if I have 12 months experience in an eligible industry. How can I determine this?

Part of the application process requires you to submit a cover letter. Here we ask that you address how your experience relates to one of the following industries – renewable energy, energy management and carbon abatement. We appreciate that there is a huge diversity of roles and industries that are integral to the development and success of these and ask that you outline how your role, projects you’ve worked on and/or experience relates to one of these industries.

If your total work experience in an eligible industry is over a span of 12 months or more, you will satisfy this eligibility criteria. We ask that you determine this and outline your experience in your cover letter.

Does study count towards 12 months experience in an eligible industry?

No. You need to have 12 months work experience in an eligible industry. This could be in one, or multiple roles.

What are the next steps after application is submitted?

Applications will be reviewed and successful candidates who have been shortlisted for the scholarship will be contacted by Monday 26 September 2022.

When are the interviews?

Interviews will commence the week starting Monday 3 October 2022. All shortlisted candidates will need to be available for interview during this working week.