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The Clean Energy Workforce Reference Group works collaboratively to move the dial on industry and workforce needs.

To deliver the ongoing social licence to operate and build enduring advocates for renewable energy, we are committed to enhancing employment outcomes industry wide.

The Clean Energy Workforce Reference Group was established in December 2020 with the aim of discussing and defining norms and standards of practice in the employment of Australian clean energy workforces. It brings together a diversity of employer and employee representatives from across renewable energy businesses and broader industry to provide different perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing the clean energy workforce.

Discussion themes and outcomes

Conversations within the Clean Energy Workforce Reference Group are productive and take place within an open and respectful environment. They are structured thematically and seek to address the key structural and operational issues that impact on workforce practices and outcomes in clean energy projects. Some of the themes being discussed are:

  • Who we employ:
    • local employment
    • Indigenous training and employment
    • transitioning workers from sectors in decline.
  • How we employ:
    • job security and conditions
    • world-class safety standards
    • training and career pathways.
  • How we operate:
    • contracting conduct
    • domestic supply chain
    • project legacy.

From these discussions, draft guidelines are being developed. These guidelines will be socialised among the clean energy sector with the intent of codifying expectations and providing direction to Clean Energy Council members on exemplary workforce practices at an organisational and project level. Discussions will also provide the basis for practical industry-wide solutions that can be driven by the Clean Energy Council to improve workforce development and employment outcomes.


The following people are members of the Clean Energy Workforce Reference Group:

  • Chair – TBC
  • Justin Coburn, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Beon Energy Solutions
  • Jane Daniels, Stakeholder and Community Engagement Director, CleanSight
  • Vanessa Garbett, Compliance and Enforcement Victoria, EnergySafe Victoria
  • Trevor Gauld, National Policy and Union Specialist, Electrical Trades Union
  • Brian Lonergan, Director - Portfolio Management, Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Karrina Nolan, Executive Director, Original Power
  • Kane Thornton, Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council
  • Georgia Windrum, Senior Advisor Climate, Energy and Just Transitions, Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • Amanda Yearsley, Executive Manager Human Resources and Workplace Relations, Worley
  • Jodie Hill, Director of People and Safety, Pacific Hydro
  • Eric Caesar, General Manager - Assets, Octopus Investments
  • Steve Clark, Partner - People and Change, KPMG