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Senior Wind Engineer

Acciona Energy

Closing date 21 September 2021

Apply Online

Employment Type

Full Time

Seniority Level


Technology Type



Reporting to the Manager, Engineering and located in the Melbourne office, the purpose of this position is to provide technical expertise and leadership to the business in the area of wind engineering. The wind engineering function provides the following services to Acciona’s Project Development and Engineering & Construction teams:

  • Preparation of energy resource assessments;
  • Wind farm layout designs;
  • Due diligence on potential wind farm site acquisitions;
  • Wind Farm site prospecting, and
  • Wind data analysis and QA.

Key Responsibilities

Manage a small team of wind engineers to deliver quality, on time and innovative solution

Undertake wind farm energy resource assessments by:

  • Developing detailed and optimised wind farm layout designs;
  • Calculating long-term wind speed estimations, and
  • Developing energy production predictions for wind farms.

Contribute to Data Analysis and QA by:

  • Sourcing reference data sets;
  • Undertaking QA procedures and control of data sets;
  • Analysing data for use in design and evaluation tools, and
  • Analysing AEAG monitoring station data.

Provide technical and project management inputs to the work of the Engineering & Construction Department, including:

  • Coordinating and overseeing, wind monitoring station (mast & remote sensors) maintenance, installation and decommissioning by third-party contractors;
  • Progress quote/estimate proposals and defining scope of work from third-party contractors;
  • Ensuring third-party contractors perform services to an agreed professional standard and to the full extent of their contracted obligations, by compilation of project specification documentation and review and archiving of contractor reports;
  • Overseeing the automatic downloading of monitoring station data and assisting with the management of downloading software and hardware;
  • Completing regular data reviews, including fault identification and regular reporting;
  • Contribute to monthly upload of data to the AE Citrix-based database, including data validation activities; and
  • Contribute to the implementation of AEAG/AE meteorological mast safety instruction requirements.

Contribute to the AEAG site prospecting process by:

  • Site identification and completion of area evaluations for wind resource;
  • Assessing shortlisted priority wind farm prospect sites for further development focus;
  • Completing preliminary layout design, and
  • Producing preliminary energy predictions based on turbine types and wind resource.
  • Contribute to due diligence of potential wind farm site acquisitions (at all stages of development) through the review of 3rd party wind data sets.

Assist with wind monitoring activities including downloading of monitoring station data, fault diagnosis and monitoring station condition monitoring from time to time as required.

Assist with Wind Farm Operational Services including turbine Power Performance Testing, turbine availability assessment, wind farm performance assessment and procedure verification from time to time as required.

Maintain up to date knowledge of:

  • The wind power industry in Australia from both a technical and broader market perspective;
  • Industry and government wind resource assessments;
  • Turbine suppliers and models;
  • Relevant international and Australian standards
  • Be familiar with and act in accordance with AEAG’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies.

Key Result Areas

  • Timely, rigorous, and well documented completion of site selection during the prospecting phase of AEAG development (the phase prior to business case development).
  • Effective coordination and collaboration with headquarters wind energy resource department.
  • Rigorous and timely completion of wind energy and environmental assessments on acquisition target sites and greenfields developments.
  • Management of allocated responsibilities in data analysis and QA to agreed professional standards and timeframes.
  • Management and leadership of Wind Engineering team.
  • Personal compliance with all AEAG environmental, health and safety requirements.
  • Personal compliance with AEAG policies and procedures.

Key Competencies

Achieve Results

The ability to focus the activity towards the achievement that brings value to ACCIONA.

Organisation and Planning

The ability to identify, evaluate and program what actions must be completed in order to reach a certain goal, how to carry out those actions and what are necessary resources to achieve the final objective.

Quality Management

Be familiar with procedures and contribute to carrying them out, and set the example for fulfilling, disseminating and improving processes and procedures by applying his/her professional knowledge.

Initiative and Innovation

The ability to act in a proactive manner, anticipating needs, identifying opportunities and taking calculated risks.

Ability to proactively introduce new and creative approaches to activities, work processes, and products, as well as improving the vision of existing work approaches.


The ability to cooperate with others, within and outside the team, establishing an efficient work relationship and fluid communication that will contribute to the achievement of objectives.


The ability to express ideas, in a clear and convincing manner, listening and being receptive to the proposals of others as well as the ability to turn said ideas into documents and reports.

Ability to present ideas before groups or organisations and obtain their commitment.


  • Relevant Degree in Engineering or Science
  • Strong working knowledge of wind farm analysis software including Openwind, CFD and WindPro
  • Strong working knowledge of GIS and CAD software including ESRI, ArcGIS and AutoCAD
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience working in a comparable technical role
  • Experience managing a team including managing workflow and stakeholders in a technical environment
  • Experience leading, coaching and developing team members
  • Strong technical report writing
  • Current Australian driver’s license
  • Willingness and flexibility to travel both interstate and overseas, as required