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How do I choose a solar retailer or installer?

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When choosing a solar or storage retailer and/or installer, it pays to do a little research. The Clean Energy Council recommends choosing a New Energy Tech Approved Seller who has committed to certain consumer protection standards and only uses designers and installers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

We also recommend seeking multiple quotes for comparison and reading product reviews online before making your decision.

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What is a New Energy Tech Approved Seller?

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) program is a way for businesses that sell solar PV, battery storage and other new energy tech to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities.

Authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the program aims to raise consumer protection standards within the solar and storage industry.

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What is an accredited installer?

Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must-have qualification for anyone in the business of installing solar and storage.

Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises individuals who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

CEC-accredited installers aim to work to industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations.

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What should I look out for?

Detailed and professional quote documentation

Your quote should be detailed and include a proposed system design, expected generation, warranty terms and an itemised list of components/products.

Warranty terms

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the warranty terms. Individual products will come with a product manufacturers warranty.

Peace of mind

You should never feel pressured into a purchase. The choice to proceed with a purchase is yours and yours alone, so making sure you are comfortable with the information you have been provided is essential. Have all your questions been answered? Do you understand the installation, grid-connection and metering process? Have you been informed of any after-sale support available to you?

Installation attendance

An accredited installer of a small-scale renewable energy system is required to physically install the system themselves or attend the site at least three times – at the beginning, middle and end of the installation.

Installer accreditation ID card

Once your installer arrives at your property, ask to check their digital accreditation ID card prior to installation. Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises electricians who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

The ID card is digital and should be shown to you on a phone or tablet. It will display the following information:

  • a photo of the installer
  • accreditation number
  • expiry date
  • types of accreditation held.

The “last opened” date should show the current day or the previous 24 hours. At least one installer present on the property should be a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer and will be able to show you their ID card. If your installer is unable to provide their accreditation ID, contact your solar retailer about your options.

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