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What else should I know?

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There's plenty to get your head around when buying solar. Here's some additional information to consider and help you through the purchase decision.

Network connection

Your solar retailer will usually arrange the connection of your solar system to the network on your behalf, including preparing and submitting all relevant documentation required from the electricity retailer and/or distributor for meter installation and connection to the network. Most distribution companies require pre-approval to connect to their network. This should be done prior to installation as the approval process can take some time.


Your existing electricity meter will either need to be reconfigured or replaced with a new import/export meter before you can connect to the grid. This may need to occur before or after installation, depending on the requirements in your state.

Your solar retailer will need to notify either your distributor or electricity retailer to organise a meter change/reconfiguration. You will be charged for any costs associated with the meter change. This can be charged to you by your solar retailer or billed to you through your electricity retailer. Make sure you are aware of these costs and how they will be charged.

Maintenance and warranties

Like all electrical equipment, your solar system should be maintained with some frequency to ensure continued performance, operation and safety. Additionally, dust, bird droppings and other debris can build up over time and decrease the performance of your panels. Find out more on our maintenance and warranties page.

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at some frequently asked questions about buying solar.

Natural disasters and emergencies

Find out more about solar system operation and inspection after natural disasters or emergencies.

Independent advice

For more independent advice or information on buying solar, we recommend the following organisations:

  • The Australian Energy Foundation is working towards a transition to a zero-carbon society through community empowerment. They offer simple and clear energy advice for consumers.
  • Renew is a national, not-for-profit organization advocating for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. Renew offer a paid advice service (free for Renew Members) as well as free online information.
  • Choice is the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia and offer unbiased product and purchasing advice for consumers.

Solar guides

The Clean Energy Council offers free guides on buying solar and storage. Available for both households and businesses, our guides cover the important information you need to know when purchasing rooftop solar or storage.

View guides