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Energising Australia

For city-dwellers, it can be hard to visualise the scale of production and cracking pace at which the renewable energy industry in Australia is already growing. The Energising Australia campaign highlights the important work happening in remote areas of Australia – through this video series, you can meet the many different people driving our nation-building renewable energy projects, which includes some of the world’s largest infrastructure.

If you're interested in a career in renewable energy, check out our Careers Guide, and if you’re looking for a role in the broader clean economy, visit Careers for Net Zero, our joint initiative with the Energy Efficiency Council.

Carlene is from the local area and runs a small farm. She has found a great work-life balance dividing her time between the wind farm and her own business.

Thanks to grant funding from the Wambo Wind Farm, the residents of the Taralga Retirement Village in Queensland are enjoying greater comfort and mobility.

Tracy, of the Western Wakka Wakka people, is the Cultural Heritage Manager at Wambo Wind Farm, working with her team to recover and preserve Indigenous artefacts on the construction grounds.

Sonia owns Stenhouse Fitness, which runs the Murilla Fitness Centre in Miles, Queensland. Her business has received financial support from the nearby Dulacca Wind Farm, which has enabled it to purchase extra gear for the gym, which in turn supported all the new workers who were in town finishing construction on the wind farm last year.

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Renewables are powering Australia's future environmental and economic success, reducing emissions and providing cheaper, more reliable energy to households and businesses everywhere.

Maria is the Stakeholder Engagement Lead for Acciona’s MacIntyre Wind Farm. She loves giving back to the community and working with the team on site, including around 360 people from the local workforce.

Gary is a construction site manager organising the many teams building the complex infrastructure of TagEnergy’s and Ingka Group’s Golden Plains Wind Farm - East, developed by WestWind.

Lucy works as an Operator at the Golden Plains Wind Farm in Victoria, operating the machines building the infrastructure elements required for a wind farm.

Adam is owner and mechanic at Byrne Automotive in Warwick, Queensland. His workshop has been supporting the fleet of @acciona vehicles involved in the construction of the MacIntyre Wind Farm – the largest wind farm under construction in Australia.

Kyle is one of the Jumbo Operators working at the Kidston Hydro Project, and is loving the diversity of opportunities the job is providing.

Greg and Tim are landowners and neighbours in Gannawarra Shire, Victoria. Greg’s farmland hosts the 60 MWp Gannawarra Solar Farm, developed by @edifyenergy, the first utility-scale solar farm to be constructed in Victoria. It is also integrated with a 25 MW energy storage system. Tim’s land is soon to play host to a battery to help firm the renewable energy supply in the area.

Tony is the Project Director for @GenexPower’s Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project, which is scheduled for completion in 2024 and will become only Australia’s fourth operational pumped hydro project.

As many students return to school across Australia this week, take a minute to hear about Hayden's experience visiting Acciona Energia’s MacIntyre Wind Farm with his classmates late last year, and what they learned about the key role for wind power in Energising Queensland

Renewables have a vital role to play in both reducing emissions and moving Australia towards a low-cost power system.

Gurpinger ‘G’ Mand is a site engineer for Genex Power’s Kidston underground team – one of many dedicated workers that are busy building the underground infrastructure and tunnels crucial for water transfer.

Carl is a Driver at Crisps Coaches, transporting workers to and from the site of ACCIONA Energía's MacIntyre Wind Farm every day.

Alice is a site engineer at ACCIONA Energía's MacIntyre Wind Farm Project, near Warwick in Queensland.