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Australia to be powered by 100% clean energy

We’re well on the way to renewables being the biggest provider of energy in Australia, but together we can do so much more.

I’m here - what can I do?

It doesn’t take 100% of your time to help us reach 100% renewable energy, here’s what you can do to make a difference.

Deep dive

The more you know about renewable energy the more you can assist us. There are many great, free resources available online to help - here are a few reputable sources we recommend.

Renew Economy ARENA The Conversation Geoscience Australia

Spread the word

You don’t need to shout it from the solar rooftops, but sharing the facts about renewables with friends and family members is a great way to help them see the benefits.

Share a fact about renewable energy Spark up a conversation

Be renewables-powered

At home and at work, explore the best providers and make the switch. GreenPower labels make it easy to recognise and purchase renewable electricity that meets stringent environmental standards.

Explore providers

Solar & storage at home

Nearly 3 million Australians have rooftop solar at home. Find out why and discover the benefits of energy storage batteries too.

Solar and battery at home

Make the right investments

By picking a super fund and bank account who don’t invest in fossil fuels, but instead focus on supporting renewable energy technology.

SuperGuide Choice Responsible Returns Canstar

Get up to speed about electric vehicles

Long distance travel on one charge, strong, reliable and ever more affordable discover the world of EVs for yourself.

Explore your options

Your donation can help us spread the word

The Clean Energy Council needs your support to reach even more people with this message. Your donation will go towards powering our campaign and the future of renewable energy in Australia.

Partners & Contributors

It takes great partners and contributors to make things happen. Thanks to those who work together with us.

Foundation Partners

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