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If a CEC-accredited person believes that a decision made by the Accreditation Compliance Team to suspend or cancel their accreditation was made in an unfair manner and that proper process was not followed, then there are two opportunities to have the decision reviewed. Firstly internally by the CEC and then independently by the Accreditation Review Panel.

Please note: neither of these processes will consider any technical compliance issues that lead to an Accredited Person's suspension or cancellation. The review will only consider if fair and due process was followed.

Step 1

Internal Review

If your accreditation has been suspended or cancelled, you may seek an internal review of the decision. The CEC will ensure the review is undertaken in an impartial manner and that the independence of the reviewer is not compromised.

To request an internal review, you need to lodge an Application for Internal Review within 14 days of the date of the decision to suspend or cancel your accreditation.


Step 2

Independent Review

If you believe that fair and proper process has not been followed after an internal review, you may apply for an independent review.

You will have 14 days from being notified of the decision of the CEC’s internal review to lodge an appeal for an independent review conducted by the Accreditation Review Panel.

You will need to complete an Independent Review Application. Your application will only be processed when all relevant information has been provided and the application fee paid.

The Accreditation Review Panel will sit on the first Tuesday of each month, excluding January. Your appeal will be heard at the next available hearing. You will have the opportunity to attend this hearing via video link and may also choose to have a representative attend with you.

The Panel will notify you of a decision within seven days of the date of the hearing.

Independent review application fee$250 (ex GST)

The decision of the Accreditation Review Panel is final and no further CEC process will be available to you.


Submit the application review form to [email protected]

Please note: All compliance notifications and accreditation decisions will be sent to the email address that was previously associated with your accreditation.