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Continuous professional development

The Clean Energy Regulator has announced a new accreditation provider. Effective 29 February 2024, Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) is responsible for the accreditation of installers and designers. Visit now to switch or apply for accreditation.
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Continuous professional development (CPD) ensures that the skills and knowledge of CEC-accredited installers and designers remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest changes in technology, regulation and industry best practice.

The CPD program helps to improve the overall standard of work in the solar and battery storage industry. CPD helps installers and designers to install correctly, offer customers the most up-to-date technology and installation options, and keep them informed of changes and updates to Australian standards.

All CEC-accredited installers and designers must earn 100 CPD points annually to renew their accreditation. For newly accredited people, training is split into two categories, Core and Elective. A minimum of 60 points must be obtained from Core training. The remaining points can be earned from either category.

If you are currently accredited, Core and Elective points will not apply to you until you renew your accreditation. Log in to find out more and view your CPD status.


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Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is where installers and designers can find on-demand courses developed by the Clean Energy Council. This content is designed to fit in around the schedules of accredited persons so you don’t have to down tools to attend training and can keep costs at a minimum. The Learning Hub is accessed through the login area of our website.


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Other training courses

There are many training options that qualify for earning CPD points. View the full list on our training courses page.


Frequently asked questions

Can anyone earn CPD points?

CPD points are only available to fully accredited designers and installers.

I want to earn CPD points. When should I start completing my training?

When you receive your full accreditation, you commit to completing 100 CPD annually so you can start earning points straight away once you are fully accredited. Any courses you undertake before becoming fully accredited will not count towards your 100 points.

I found a course I want to complete but it isn't included on the website. What do I do?

You can request that a course be added to our list at any time. The Clean Energy Council will review the training, make a decision on whether it's appropriate for CPD, determine the number of points the course will be allocated, and add it to the website. You will need to wait until it has been added before completing the course in order for the points to count.