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Small-Scale Renewables Training Update

On 21 December 2022 the Australian Industry Skills Commission (AISC) released details of updated training units in small-scale renewables. It is the first major upgrade to training in over 10 years and aims to raise standards, address job shortages and better equip the industry for modern energy requirements.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) have helped inform these changes after undertaking an extensive review of the current training units. As such it is well-placed to assist training organisations, retailers and those working in small-scale renewables in understanding the changes and opportunities for them. Read below to understand more about key changes to training units.

Key takeaways from the updated training units

Solar repair

New installers and designers will need to follow new pathways to accreditation, existing ones won't

CEC Accreditation pathways have been updated in line with the new training units. Both new and old pathways will be accepted while training providers work towards updating their programs. Existing CEC Accredited Installers and Designers won't need to do any new training to remain Accredited.

Engineer headshot 2

Non-electricians will be able to become CEC Accredited Designers, easing demands on electricians

Updated training units (UEERE0060 to UEERE0065) will open up Design Accreditation explicitly to engineers and others with a strong competency in electrical systems, easing jobs shortages affecting electricians. Please note installers will still need to be qualified electricians and designers will have to prove relevant competency in electrical design.

Call centre 1

More job roles employed in the rooftop solar industry will have access to formal training

Sales and support staff at rooftop solar and storage companies will be able to undertake training (UEERE0051, UEERE0086, UEERE0054 and UEERE0055) to provide customers, installers and designers with better information. Similarly, inspectors will be able to take specific training on small-scale renewables (UEERE0072 to UEERE0074) to raise inspection standards.

Installer harness

Installers and designers can expand their skills with formal training

New and updated units will be available in microgrids (UEERE0057 and UEERE0058), fault-finding and repair (UEERE0070 and UEERE0071), maintenance (UEERE0082 and UEERE0056), site surveys (UEERE0054 and UEERE0055) and inspections (UEERE0072 to UEERE0074). Installers and designers will be able to show employers and customers that they are professionally qualified to deliver these services, raising standards and consumer confidence.

Installer other

Clearer training pathways for different grid connections

Updated units will separate grid-connected, off-grid and microgrid making it simpler for electricians and designers to focus on different services.

To encourage uptake of the new training units the Clean Energy Council will be offering updated pathways into their Accreditation requirements for new installers and designers and working with retailers, training organisations, governments and installers to understand the benefits.

View the Accreditation Pathways here

Got a question about the updated training units?

Submit it here and we'll answer it in our next bulletin.