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Why become accredited?

Installler roof 4

Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must have for individuals who want to design or install solar or battery storage systems.

By becoming a Clean Energy Council accredited installer you will:

  • be eligible for government incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • have access to the CEC’s solar technical advice support line
  • have access to exclusive webinars, toolbox talks, how to’s and technical information
  • be kept up to date with important upcoming changes to industry standards and guidelines
  • be kept up to date with the latest information around product testing and emerging issues from Clean Energy Regulator inspections
  • be included on the find an installer tool in the consumer section of our website
  • have your views on standards represented to the standard committee
  • have your voice heard by government and regulators through the Installer Reference Group
  • support the important work of the Clean Energy Council, including advocacy on behalf of the solar and storage industry.

Please note: accreditation is only available to individuals. This differs from Clean Energy Council membership, which is available to businesses, and the Approved Solar Retailer program, which is only available to qualifying solar and storage retail businesses.


Accreditation and STCs

For a small-scale solar, wind or hydro system to be eligible for STCs, it must be designed and installed by someone who is accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

This is to ensure that the small-scale renewable energy systems, for which the government issues STCs, are correctly designed and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers who have received proper training. Systems that are designed and installed by someone who is not accredited will not be eligible to receive STCs.

For more information about STC eligibility visit the Clean Energy Regulator’s website.

Become accredited so you can claim STCs.