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It is essential that Clean Energy Council accredited insulation installers adhere to the current and relevant standards for the installation of insulation.

Standards can be purchased from Standards Australia.

The relevant standards are:

AS 4859.1 Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings

  • Provides requirements for labelling of products and methods of test for materials that are added to, or incorporated in, opaque envelopes of buildings designed for human occupancy, to provide thermal insulation by moderating the flow of heat through these elements.

AS 3999 Thermal insulation of dwellings – Bulk insulation – Installation requirements

  • Outlines the installation of bulk thermal installation in all classes of dwellings.

AS/NZS 3000 Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules

  • Includes minimum clearance distance from recessed luminaries, including downlights, electrical equipment and cables.

AS 4426 Thermal insulation of pipe work, ductwork and equipment – Selection, installation and finish

  • Deals with the selection, installation and finish of thermal insulation for pipework, ductwork, tanks, vessels, and equipment in the temperature range -75C to +800C, but excludes manufactured pre-insulated equipment, structural insulation of buildings and cold stores, fireproofing structures, refractory linings of plant, airborne installations and all external underground mains.

AS 4508 Thermal resistance of insulation for ductwork used in building air-conditioning

  • Specifies requirements relating to the optimum thermal resistance of insulation for rigid and flexible ductwork and associated fittings used in heating, air-conditioning and evaporative cooling systems of buildings.

Other relevant standards include:

  • AS/NZS ISO717.1
  • AS/NZS 2499
  • AS/NZS 5110
  • AS 1530.1, .2 and .3
  • AS/NZS 4200.1 and .2
  • AS 1366.1, .2, .3 and .4.