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Senior staff profile: Nikki Potter

Here at the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for providing leadership, vision, and direction for the organisation in its pursuit to accelerate Australia’s transition to a clean energy future.

A key team member of the SLT cohort is Nikki Potter, Executive General Manager Industry Services, and her contribution is vital to maintaining momentum and progression in the clean energy sector. We invite you to enjoy our conversation with Nikki about her pathway, purpose, and pearls of wisdom.

Nikki Potter

Tell us a bit about your role at the CEC.

I play a key role in setting the strategic agenda for the CEC. I am responsible for articulating and leading the CEC’s activities to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. I lead the CEC’s policy and advocacy efforts, industry integrity programs, and industry support services such as events, training, and technical advice, all while ensuring sustainable financial performance, appropriate resource allocation and growth of the CEC to deliver our strategic and operational goals. I am also concerned with removing the blockages to industry expansion, equipping the industry, supporting growth in demand for clean energy and ensuring social license are core outcome priorities.

How did you come to work in the clean energy sector?

Sheer fluke. I have spent much of my career working in the for-profit sector, both in Australia and overseas, across a broad range of roles. Having a strong background in growing organisations, commercialisation, and change management, I have also been extremely interested on a personal level in the environment and climate change. I returned from a stint in the USA and was determined to move my career to a for-purpose role in an area of passion and interest. Coffee with a good friend, who was aware of an opening at the CEC, led me to call Kane and the rest is history. I could not be happier.

What is your greatest pearl of wisdom to share with businesses and individuals on reaching necessary clean energy targets?

Think big, be confident, and balance evidence and emotion. Industry, businesses and households are driving and leading the transition - we can all play our part. Paint the picture, tell the story.

For more on the advocacy and initiatives the CEC continues to progress, head here: Clean Energy Policy Australia | Clean Energy Council