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Solar Month launches to encourage Australians to use their solar superpowers to fight rising energy bills

March is Solar Month. It's time to celebrate Australia's ‘Solar Superheroes’ – the everyday Australians and solar installers leading the fight against rising energy bills with solar power.

Retail prices for electricity and gas have increased by 10–15 per cent since mid-2022 and are forecast to stay high throughout 2023, putting a strain on household budgets in a compounded cost-of-living crisis. Australia leads the world in rooftop solar, with installations on over 3.4 million rooftops powering 8.9 per cent of the country’s electricity demands and helping reduce consumer energy bills.

Throughout March, and @aussolarmonth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be sharing:

  • Advice and tips for reducing energy bills and emissions by investing in solar and new energy tech, electrifying homes and improving energy efficiency;
  • advice for renters and apartment owners who may traditionally find solar hard-to-access
  • stories from consumers, small businesses and installers who have reduced their bills using rooftop solar, battery storage and new energy tech
  • expert conversations on energy equity, the future of home energy and reducing energy bills.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said that rooftop solar is the foundation for Australia’s renewable energy success.

“Everyday Australians, retailers and installers have helped drive the fastest rollout of rooftop solar in the world, saving households money while creating jobs and aiding the energy transformation.

“Australia remains one of the lowest-cost countries for rooftop solar installation,” Thornton said.

“That is something we should be proud of, and it's why the Clean Energy Council is focused on advocating for and supporting the rooftop solar industry and its workforce.”

Solar Month is an industry event powered by the Clean Energy Council. Everyday Australians, solar installers and retailers can share their stories of how solar has helped their energy goals through using #solarmonth


For more information contact:

Jane Aubrey
Clean Energy Council Public Affairs Manager
[email protected]
+61 409 470 683