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Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap is a no-regrets strategy

The Victorian Government is on the money with its new Gas Substitution Roadmap released over the weekend, which shows that electrification combined with other energy-saving measures will be the most efficient strategy for the phase-out of fossil-based gas for most gas users in Victoria.

Electrification can deliver real and substantial savings to households, representing a more energy-efficient solution for space heating, water heating and cooking.

"Victoria's leadership on rooftop solar and batteries through its $1.3 billion Solar Homes Program gives it a head start on electrification, which the state should leverage," said Clean Energy Council Policy Director – Electrification & Hydrogen, Anna Freeman.

"Governments have a vital role to play in helping households to make the switch to more efficient electric appliances, both through incentives and public education and awareness. We welcome the announcement that the Victorian Government will develop new incentives to help Victorians move away from gas as part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. The government should undertake this work as quickly as possible to assist Victorians to cut their energy bills at a time of escalating gas prices."

Energy efficiency measures and the direct electrification of households and business is a no-regrets strategy for Victoria, which can cut bills, reduce emissions and create more jobs. Implementation of this strategy should be clearly communicated and implemented without delay.

The Gas Substitution Roadmap recognises that renewable gases, including hydrogen and biomethane, have the potential to play an important role in decarbonising gas for the 'hard to electrify' segments of the economy, particularly heavy industry. We welcome the announcement that the Victorian Government will begin work to develop a market mechanism that can stimulate demand for green gas/fuels to assist these fledgling sectors in scaling up.

"Project proponents need demand for green gas to help them get their projects off the ground. A Renewable Gas Target could help these projects get out of the starting blocks. It's important that it is designed to support the most cost-effective deployment of hydrogen and other renewable fuels in the economy and not to delay the transition to electrification," said Freeman.


For more information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Jane Aubrey
Clean Energy Council Media Manager
[email protected]
+61 409 470 683