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Project tracker

Bald Hills Wind Farm

The renewable energy sector is experiencing unprecedented activity across Australia.

There are currently 83 projects that are in construction (or due to start construction soon) in Australia. This is based on projects that have reached financial close and are not yet commissioned.

These projects will deliver over $20 billion in investment, 14,678 MW of new renewable energy capacity and create 13,514 direct jobs.

Information on this page is current as of 5 December 2018.

Jobs Investment Map

Number of projects in construction or due to start soon (by state)

StateNumber of projects

Projects in construction or due to start soon (by technology)

TechnologyMWInvestment (A$m)Jobs

*All totals include projects with combined wind and solar technologies.

This is on top of 34 projects that have already been completed in 2018.

Summary of projects that have reached financial close and been completed by year

As well as the huge number of projects that are still in construction or due to start construction soon, 35 projects have already been completed in 2018.

Please note that data is based on information we have been able to source. Data is not always available for every project.

Projects that reached financial close20172018
Number of projects4725
Investment (A$m)$8.9b$6.4b
Jobs created61744534
Projects completed (commissioned)20172018
Number of projects
Investment (A$m)
Jobs created10004244

Projects in construction or due to start soon

TechStateOwnerProjectMW Investment (A$m)Jobs
WindTAS Palisade Investment PartnersGranville Harbour Wind Farm 112280208
WindSA Nexif EnergyLincoln Gap Wind Farm212450 110
WindVICPacific HydroCrowlands Wind Farm 8080150
HybridNSW PamadaKyoto Energy Park113190
WindVICGoldwindStockyard Hill Wind Farm 530700300
WindVIC Westwind EnergyLal Lal Wind Farm220400200
SolarQLDCanadian SolarOakey Solar Farm - Stage 2 70110200
SolarQLDESCO Pacific Childers Solar Farm120210240
Solar VICFlow Power/Total ErenKiamal Solar Farm - Stage 1200 300
SolarQLDTerrain SolarWarwick Solar Farm 64125100
SolarQLDESCO PacificSusan River Solar Farm 100175300
SolarQLDSimtec Zen / Wirsol Clermont Solar Farm89180150
SolarNSW InnogyHillston Solar Farm115470
Solar NSWElliott Green PowerNevertire Solar Farm132
SolarQLDElliott Green PowerSusan River Solar Farm98 175150
WindVICNeoenBulgana Green Hub1943501300
WindVICGoldwindMoorabool Wind Farm321600300
Wind VICBayWa r.e./Future EnergyYawong Wind Farm7.215
SolarNSW Terrain SolarMolong Solar Farm2529100
SolarWAWestgenByford Solar Farm 3070200
SolarNSWRenew EstateSpringdale Solar Farm120150
SolarNSWRenew EstateBomen Solar Farm120164
SolarQLD Renew EstateYarwun Solar Farm3250200
SolarQLDPacific HydroHaughton Solar Farm 5001200250
solarWABright Energy InvestmentsGreenough River Solar Farm - Stage 230 60100
WindVICRES AustraliaMurra Warra Wind Farm429200150
Solar QLDRisen EnergyYarranlea Solar Farm121240200
SolarQLDAdani Rugby Run Solar Farm - Stage 165100175
SolarSAAdaniWhyalla Solar Farm140 200150
SolarNSWInnogyLimondale Solar Farm349150200
Wind NSWCWP RenewablesCrudine Ridge Wind Farm13538240
WindTASGoldwind Australia Cattle Hill Wind Farm150300150
SolarWANortham Solar Farm1017 30
WindVICBayWa r.e.Timboon West Wind Farm7.2
WindVICACCIONA Mortlake South Wind Farm157.5288100
SolarQLDEco Energy World / Impact Investment Group Chinchilla Solar Farm10032150
SolarQLDEco Energy World / Impact Investment GroupBrigalow Solar Farm 34.538
SolarQLDLighthouse SolarEmerald Solar Park72110200
Wind QLDAGL/PARFCoopers Gap Wind Farm453850200
SolarSAEnel Green Power and DIF (Dutch Infrastructure Fund) Bungala Solar Project220450350
SolarNSWARENAWhite Rock Solar Farm2044.5 75
SolarQLDLighthouse SolarHughenden Solar Farm2034.1100
SolarNSW First SolarManildra Solar Farm56109.3
SolarQLDCanadian SolarOakey Solar Farm - Stage 1 255650
WindNSWGlobal Power Generation AustraliaCrookwell Wind Farm - Stage 291200 80
WindQLDWindlab and Erusus EnergyKennedy Energy Park - Wind43.5104.487
Solar QLDWindlab and Erusus EnergyKennedy Energy Park - Solar153630
WindNSWPARFSilverton Wind Farm 200460150
SolarQLDEdify EnergyHayman Solar Farm5079100
Solar QLDEdify EnergyDaydream Solar Farm150236300
SolarQLDFRVLilyvale Solar Farm 100400200
SolarSASnowy HydroTailem Bend Solar Farm100200200
Solar VICBayWa r.e.Yatpool Solar Park112500200
SolarVICBayWa r.e.Iraak Solar Farm112 100
WindQLDPacific Hydro/Lacour EnergyClarke Creek Wind Farm877.51000240
Hybrid QLDPacific Hydro/Lacour EnergyClarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm Project350500150
WindNSW Goldwind AustraliaWhite Rock Wind Farm - Stage 2202
SolarSAAlt EnergySolar River Project - Stage 1 2204651150
SolarSAAlt EnergySolar River Project - Stage 2200
Solar NSWESCO PacificFinley Solar Farm175220200
HybridNSWCWP RenewablesSapphire Renewable Energy Hub (Solar and Storage) 170220200
HybridSAInfigen EnergyLake Bonney Battery Energy Storage System - Stage 1 and 2278.5 38
SolarNSWMaonengSunraysia Solar Storage Facility200275250
SolarVIC NeoenNumurkah Solar Farm128198141
SolarNSWFirst SolarBeryl Solar Farm87187 150
SolarQLDRenew EstateRodds Bay Solar Farm300350300
WindNSW Goldwind AustraliaCoppabella Wind Farm295650
SolarVICGrey Box EnergyCohuna Solar Farm37 20038
SolarVICGrey Box EnergyCarwarp Solar Farm121.6169340
SolarVIC Fotowatio Renewable VenturesWinton Solar Farm98.8150
WindVICUnion FenosaBerrybank Wind Farm 277525150
WindVICTilt RenewablesDundonnell Wind Farm336560300
Wind NSWTilt RenewablesRye Park Wind Farm320550250
SolarNTEpuronKatherine Solar Farm 2540100
SolarNSWClenenergyMetz Solar Farm115
SolarNSW FRVGoonumbla Solar Farm70130150
SolarNSWIronbark EnergyGunnedah Solar Farm165 9075
SolarQLDSunshine Energy AustraliaHarlin Solar Farm1500200
Solar NSWCanadian Solar/Photon Energy/Polpo InvestmentsMaryvale Solar Farm160
SolarSALyon GroupRiverland Solar Farm and Storage 330700270
SolarSALyon GroupKingfisher Solar Storage120350
Solar VICBayWa r.e.Ouyen Solar Farm1014.2
SolarQLDPalisade Investment Partners and ESCO PacificRoss River Solar Farm148225270

Projects completed (commissioned) in 2018

TechStateOwnerProjectMWInvestment (A$m)Jobs
SolarQLDConergy – Lakeland Solar & Storage P/LLakeland Solar & Storage Project1342.560
WindVICWindlabKiata Wind Farm3177100
SolarWAAPA GroupEmu Downs Solar Farm2047.2100
SolarNSWNew Gullen Range Wind FarmGullen Range Solar Farm102670
SolarQLDGenexKidston Solar Project - Stage 150126100
SolarVICWirsol Energy and Edify EnergyGannawarra Solar Farm - Stage 16010050
SolarNSWNeoenParkes Solar Farm6611480
SolarQLDFRVClare Solar Farm100190200
SolarQLDSun MetalsSun Metals Solar Farm125199250
WindQLDRATCHMt Emerald Wind Farm181380150
SolarSASSE AustraliaWhyalla Solar Farm - Stage 1620
SolarQLDYdot ProjectsDunblane Solar Farm11
SolarSARenew Power GroupPeterborough Solar Farm59.540
SolarQLDCanadian SolarLongreach Solar Farm153130
SolarQLDRATCHCollinsville Solar Farm59100120
SolarQLDEdify EnergyWhitsunday Solar Farm69122.4200
BioenergyQLDMSF SugarTableland Sugar Mill247580
WindVICPacific HydroYaloak South Wind Farm29130
WindVICACCIONAMt Gellibrand - Stage 1138258125
WindNSWPartners Group and CWP RenewablesSapphire Wind Farm270588200
WindVICTilt RenewablesSalt Creek Wind Farm54100100
WindVICBayWa r.e.Maroona Wind Farm7
SolarNSWNeoenGriffith Solar Farm36230250
SolarNSWNeoenDubbo Solar Farm2955.6165
WindNSWInfigen EnergyBodangora Wind Farm113236120
SolarVICImpact Investment Group/Australian Solar GroupSwan Hill Solar Farm193659
SolarQLDAPA GroupDarling Downs Solar Farm138217200
WindSAEngieWillogoleche Wind Farm119250
SolarVICForesight SolarBannerton Solar Farm11098
SolarQLDEdify EnergyHamilton Solar Farm69138325
SolarWACarnegie/Lend LeaseNortham Solar Farm102030
SolarVICWirsolWemen Solar Farm110110600
SolarQLDCanadian Solar & Scouller EnergyNormanton Solar Farm51420
SolarNSWNeoenColeambally Solar Farm189200400

We track public announcements to collate this data so it may not be complete. If you have any information or projects to add please send information to [email protected].