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New Energy Tech Consumer Code

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code sets good practice standards for providing residential and small business customers with new energy tech products, systems and services.


In 2017, a Behind-the-Meter Working Group was established to develop a draft code of practice for the sale of behind-the-meter products and services in Australia. This resulted in the creation of the Behind-the-Meter Code, now known as the New Energy Tech Consumer Code.

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) sets a minimum standard of service for customers looking to purchase behind-the-meter products. The NETCC seeks to raise consumer protection standards in the renewable energy sector, to strengthen consumer confidence in New Energy Tech, and to encourage innovation within the industry. These New Energy Tech products and services include solar PV, battery energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging products, energy management systems, as well as a range of other emerging products and services for homes and businesses.

The NETCC program is currently in development and expected to launch in February 2023. A dedicated NETCC website is currently under construction. Whilst this is being developed, updates and answers to the most commonly asked questions about the program can be found on this webpage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Program development updates

The NETCC Council is comprised of members of the former Behind-the-Meter Working Group and includes representatives from the Australian Energy Council, Clean Energy Council, Smart Energy Council, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Consumer Action Law Centre, Energy Consumers Australia, Energy Networks Australia and Renew. As a forum of cooperation comprised of peak industry and consumer protection bodies, the NETCC Council provides strategic oversight to the program, whilst ensuring that the NETCC achieves its aims of enhancing consumer protection and promoting the integrity of the renewable energy industry in Australia. The NETCC Council is convened at regular intervals, and will continue to do so in 2022.

Meeting dates

Key milestones

The below is a high-level project plan with key milestones and estimated dates for completion (subject to revision).

Key milestones



Draft operating procedures for applications


May 2021

Develop program branding strategy


January 2022

Stakeholder engagement and communications strategy rollout

In progress

February 2022

Draft operating procedures for breaches and sanctions (compliance and enforcement mechanisms)


March 2022

Develop Consumer Information Products and supplementary materials for Approved Sellers and consumers

In progress

April 2022

NETCC schedules:

- aligning the requirements of the NETCC (technology agnostic) to specific products

- consultation with key stakeholders and industry experts

- product-specific schedules to be drafted.

In progress

May 2022

Industry Council to appoint appropriate individuals to the Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel, draft its terms of reference and endorse fee proposal

Not started

May 2022

Publish dedicated program website for consumers and Approved Sellers

In progress

July 2022

Supporting administration and operational requirements:

- back-end processes and configuration of CRM for applications and compliance

- test and refine.

In progress

September 2022


- full operational functions

- Approved Solar Retailers transitioned to NETCC platform

- NETCC applications open for submission and assessment.

Not started

February 2023

Further questions

If you have further questions about the New Energy Tech Consumer Code or the development of the program, you can contact us as [email protected].