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TBC, Adelaide

A series of engaging and topical events focused on the exciting opportunity and key challenges for battery storage in Australia.

There will also be a Battery Masterclass held in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Council in the afternoon.

As there are separate morning and afternoon sessions you can register for morning only, afternoon only or both. Please ensure you select the relevant ticket. 

Australian Energy Storage Leadership Series

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm (includes lunch)
Cost: $100 inc GST for members, $200 inc GST for non-members

The series will cover the crucial topics facing the sector, including market assessments, the evolving regulatory framework and consumer protections and the role battery storage can play on the electricity network.

Each event in the series features a political address, keynote address, and panel discussion with a number of industry experts. Below is the synposis for the Adelaide edition of the series.

Storage and the grid

Battery storage has huge potential better support the Australian electricity grid. Hear from expert speakers sharing insight on the opportunity for battery storage to support the grid, facilitate increased uptake of renewable energy and avoid expensive network augmentation and peak energy demand. Hear about the latest case studies, challenges and opportunities for utility scale battery storage in Australia.

Ross Garnaut, University of Melbourne

Stuart Johnston, ENA
Simon de Bell, ABB
Stephanie Bashir, AGL

Series sponsor

Series sponsor

Battery Storage Masterclass

Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Cost: ?

Battery storage is the subject of a substantial amount of hype and market interest. How can it be of value to your business? The Battery Storage for Business Masterclass will arm you with knowledge, skills and tools for integrating battery storage systems into your organisation.

Developed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and delivered by the Energy Efficiency Council in conjunction with the Clean Energy Council’s Australian Energy Storage Leadership Series - Storage and the Grid, this half day program will be delivered in Adelaide on the afternoon of 6 June 2017.

Masterclass participants will gain an understanding of both technical and financial considerations and the benefits, risks and usage scenarios for different battery chemistries. The Masterclass includes analysis of the business case for batteries through strategies like tariff optimisation, peak demand shaving and capturing PV exports.

Further information on the masterclass is available from Energy Efficiency Council's website or by contacting the EEC on 03 8327 8422 or at