“A second Basslink undersea cable from Tasmania to the mainland will allow more renewable energy to be exported from Tasmania to the rest of Australia during times of abundance, and stimulate further renewable energy development, investment and jobs in Tasmania”: Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton

This morning’s announcement by The Leader of the Opposition, Mr Bill Shorten, that a Labor Government would support a second Basslink, was welcomed as a step forward today by the Clean Energy Council.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said a second cable was important for strong interconnection in the design of Australia’s robust 21st Century energy system and, as underscored by Tasmania’s recent experiences, this investment will support the state’s ongoing energy security.

“A second undersea cable connecting Tasmania’s electricity grid with the mainland would benefit not only the state, but Australia’s energy market as a whole,” Mr Thornton said.

“Smart investment in transmission interconnection can deliver lower cost renewable energy to consumers, while strengthening overall system reliability and delivering economic benefits from infrastructure investment.

“I welcome today’s announcement by the federal Labor Party, and commend the federal Government and other states for recent announcements that revisit our power grid.

“Australia is home to some of the best renewable resources in the world. The Clean Energy Council is now looking to work with state and federal governments to bring this important infrastructure project to a reality. We want to unleash the economic development opportunities that a smarter, cleaner energy system will bring.

The ALP’s plan follows an announcement by the Prime Minister and Tasmanian Premier to undertake a feasibility study of a second Basslink, and the South Australian government’s commitment to investigate an interconnection with New South Wales.

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