Solar power users are a step closer to being rewarded for the additional benefits they bring to the power grid, after new legislation was passed by the Victorian Lower House today.

Clean Energy Council Director of Smart Energy Darren Gladman said the Victorian Government had recognised the value delivered by solar power at times of high electricity use, such as during summer heatwaves when lots of people were using their air-conditioners.

“The government has also recognised that the use of solar power in some locations can help to reduce the amount needed to be invested in upgrades to the poles and wires, as well as its roles in reducing emissions,” Mr Gladman said.

“The legislation means that solar households would be paid a slightly higher rate for the electricity they provide to the electricity system from mid-2017.

“The reality is that solar power users in most states are paid a very low rate for their power during periods when that renewable energy is worth a premium. It makes sense that if the value of electricity suddenly jumps due to heatwaves or other peak demand events, solar users should be rewarded for the electricity they are supplying for everyone’s benefit during these periods.”

Mr Gladman said it was disappointing that the Victorian Opposition opposed a measure that would lead to solar households in the state being paid a fairer rate for the solar power they supply to the grid.