The release today of the New South Wales wind farm guidelines gives overdue clarity to the community and the wind industry about development in the state, driving enhanced community engagement and support that will help deliver increased investment and jobs, the Clean Energy Council said.

Clean Energy Council Director of Large-Scale Energy Alicia Webb said it is clear the New South Wales Government recognizes the opportunity wind energy can bring to NSW.  

“It is obvious the government has developed a deeper understanding of the issues at play and has a much more sophisticated approach to assessing wind farm projects compared to the beginning of the decade,” Ms Webb said.

“While there are some elements of the guidelines – such as an overly complex approach to assessing the appearance of wind farms – that are not consistent with approaches adopted across other states of Australia, it is important these guidelines are finalized after being in draft form for five years.

“Many elements of the draft guidelines had already been adopted by the wind industry in recent years, resulting in an ever-evolving and more sophisticated approach to community engagement and project planning and design.

“This is good news for regional economies and job creation in rural communities, particularly while wind farms are being constructed.

“The wind farm guidelines are part of a suite of other measures under the Climate Change Policy Framework to reduce emissions and drive investment in advanced energy technologies, and there is clear positive momentum in this area which will help to attract business to the state,” she said.

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