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Clean Energy Council Awards

2021 Clean Energy Council Awards

The Clean Energy Council Awards are the Australian renewable energy industry's most prestigious awards, recognising the outstanding contribution that individuals and businesses have made to clean energy in Australia.

The 2021 Clean Energy Council Awards will be presented on 13 July 2021 at the Gala Dinner at the 2021 Australian Clean Energy Summit.

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2021 finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in the 2021 Clean Energy Council Awards. Read on to find out more about the 2021 finalists in the following categories:

  • Innovation
  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing and Communications


This award recognises the design and development of a ground-breaking Australian clean energy project, product or solution.

2021 innovation 2 jpg

Energex and Ergon Energy Network deployed a distribution system state estimation engine, developed in collaboration with local start-up GridQube, into their Queensland distribution network’s operational technology environment to understand how the network is performing and actively inform a PV system of additional export capacity over the internet, in near real-time. The advanced network analytics platform allows Energex and Ergon to dynamically determine the maximum export the network can receive from customer PV systems using limited physical monitoring, to cost effectively enable customers to receive additional revenue from solar export and the potential to connect larger DER systems.

2021 innovation 3 jpg

Goldwind Australia sourced and integrated cutting-edge eagle detection and collision avoidance technology into the Cattle Hill Wind Farm. The successful implementation of the IdentiFlight system at the Cattle Hill Wind Farm in Tasmania demonstrates that substantial risk reduction to eagles is possible for large-scale wind farms at locations where endangered eagles are at high risk of collision with turbines. The first of its kind in Australia, IdentiFlight, which was developed in the United States, uses high precision optical sensors and artificial intelligence to detect endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagles and shut down specific wind turbines to avoid collisions. Goldwind and IdentiFlight modelled and optimised the system over 18 months to determine the layout for the 16 IdentiFlight units by progressively analysing eagle behaviours and refining the IdentiFlight and SCADA control logic and settings to eliminate the risks.

2021 innovation 1 jpg

Horizon Power partnered with DevelopmentWA to deploy the SmartSun virtual power plant (VPP) in Broome North, an innovative system with real-time visibility and control of rooftop PV, battery storage, hot water systems and air conditioning. The VPP utilised autonomous orchestration to optimise devices within a participant’s home, allowing Horizon Power to smooth solar output in response to grid conditions while significantly reducing customers’ electricity bills without affecting their comfort levels.


  • Ariel Liebman - Director, Monash Grid Innovation Hub, Monash University
  • Marita Niemelae - Director, Energy Business Unit, CSIRO
  • John O'Brien - Partner, Energy Transition & Decarbonisation, Deloitte Financial Advisory


This award recognises an organisation that has demonstrated outstanding positive community engagement in relation to the Australian clean energy industry.

2021 community engagement 1

Ergon Energy collaborated with the Diamantina Shire Council in a unique Solar Power Partnership to transition the Western Queensland towns of Bedourie and Birdsville from diesel power generation to renewable energy. The partnership used dynamic solar management capabilities to overcome the challenges associated with network constraints on isolated grids and allow the installation of over 800 kW of solar PV across the two towns. This resulted in solar meeting 350 per cent and 180 per cent of Bedourie and Birdsville’s average daytime demands respectively and so far has saved more than 14,000L of diesel, with forecast annual savings of around 170,000L.

2021 community engagement 2

Horizon Power developed a community engagement strategy to raise awareness of the renewable energy projects included in its Renew the Regions program. The strategy involved a roadshow to showcase the projects through a series of in-person events throughout regional Western Australia and an online option for more remote locations. The events received significant positive feedback from attendees and helped to raise awareness of Horizon Power’s efforts to accelerate regional Western Australia’s transition to a cleaner, greener, renewable future.

2021 community engagement 3

Hydro Tasmania launched the COVID-19 Recovery Program to assist Tasmanian communities in overcoming the challenges associated with the pandemic. The program had two phases: the Sustain phase reassured Tasmanians that essential energy generation would continue, while the Recovery phase partnered with community organisations to deliver initiatives to assist hard-hit sectors and vulnerable groups. The program enabled the community organisations to help more people affected by the pandemic and delivered a range of positive community initiatives across Tasmania.


  • Justin Coburn - Community and Stakeholder Manager, Beon
  • Andrew Dyer - Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner
  • Amy Kean - Director, Stride Renewables


This award recognises an organisation that executed an exceptional marketing and/or communications campaign in relation to the Australian clean energy industry.

2021 marketing comms 1

Horizon Power developed the Renew the Regions campaign to raise awareness of Horizon Power’s new brand and the company’s ambition to ‘renew the regions’ through its renewable energy programs. The campaign messaging involved project updates and community engagement sessions through targeted social media, digital display, radio and press. The campaign was received positively by stakeholders, with the Renew the Regions microsite receiving more than 16,000 unique visitors and newsletter open rates of up to 70 per cent.

2021 marketing comms 2

Synergy employed an innovative marketing approach to create interest in its Outreach initiative, a program designed to increase customers’ understanding of new energy technologies and improve their energy management. The campaign employed traditional media channels, direct marketing and an online gamification platform called Power Up to engage stakeholders and encourage behavioural change. The campaign resulted in more than 12.5 million broadcast exposures, reached more than 18 million people on social media and had 1148 players of the Power Up game.

2021 marketing comms 3

WWF-Australia developed the Renewables Nation campaign to encourage Australia’s leaders to make the country the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030. The campaign introduced the concept of a Renewable Recovery Stimulus Package, which was supported by endorsements from a community of ‘business champions’. The campaign reached 13.4 million people through targeted media coverage, engaged more than 80 business champions, generated over 100 communications products across web pages, social media, blogs, reports and videos, and secured demonstrated influence with key policy-makers.


  • Emily Findlay - Demand Generation Manager, Tesla
  • Lisa Upton - Communications Director, Climate Council
  • Paul Zennaro - GM Communications & Corporate Affairs, Australian Energy Market Operator

Outstanding Contribution to Industry Award

This award recognises an individual who has made a major and sustained contribution to the clean energy industry.

The winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Industry Award will be announced at the NAB Gala Dinner at the Australian Clean Energy Summit.

Media Award

This award recognises a journalist who has delivered exceptional coverage of the Australia clean energy industry.

The winner of the Media Award will be announced at the NAB Gala Dinner at the Australian Clean Energy Summit.

Key dates

  • Tuesday 13 July 2021 - awards ceremony

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or for more information.

Past winners

The Clean Energy Council Awards are now in their 10th year. Past winners include some of the leading individuals and businesses operating in the Australian clean energy industry.