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Accreditation Code of Conduct

All persons holding any form of Clean Energy Council Accreditation:

  • shall act so as to uphold and enhance the honour, integrity and dignity of the Sustainable Energy Industry and the Clean Energy Council by associating, in their business activities, exclusively with individuals and enterprises of good character
  • shall solicit work, advertise and promote their services and products with dignity and truth, avoiding any potentially misleading statements or omissions
  • shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interest of their clients or employers for whom they act as faithful agents or trustees
  • shall regard as confidential any information concerning the business and technical affairs of their clients or employers
  • shall inform their clients or employers if circumstances arise, in which their judgment or the independence of their service may be compromised by reason of business connections, personal relationships, interests or affiliations
  • shall deal honestly and truthfully with clients, employers and government agencies in all matters pertaining to payments, discounts, rebates and grants and the conditions applying to them
  • shall continue their professional development throughout their careers (including by taking all reasonable steps on an ongoing basis to maintain familiarity with all current relevant laws, ordinances, regulations, standards, codes of practice and guidelines) and shall assist and encourage other accredited persons to similarly advance their knowledge and experience
  • shall observe and conform to all relevant Australian Standards and all relevant Clean Energy Council Accreditation guidelines, and all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and codes of practice
  • shall promptly report any apparent breach of any of these rules by a fellow accredited person or applicant for accreditation to the Clean Energy Council, Accreditation Management
  • shall promptly report to a member of the Clean Energy Council Accreditation Management any activity or behaviour by a no accredited person operating in, or making statements about, the sustainable energy industry, which activity or behaviour by that person would be a breach of these rules if that person held any Clean Energy Council Accreditation, so that an appropriate response to be made by the Council, and
  • shall not bring the industry into disrepute.