"Primarily involved in emerging renewable energy technologies, I may seem small now but don't plan to stay that way. That's why it's important I have a say in CEC policy development..."

  • 5B

    5B is an Australian business with extensive experience along the entire supply chain of the solar PV industry: solar system design to solar PV project development, delivery and management. 5B is developing its three business streams to support its eventual vertical integration around clean-tech innovation: • technology R&D; • project development and direct sales; and • energy services.

  • Able Industries Engineering

    An Australian owned and operated metal fabrication business servicing the Defence, Industrial and Commercial sectors since 1975. Able offers engineering design, high quality and precision prototype and volume production fabrication, APAS painting and component integration as a part of our “Complete Engineering Solution” for both Original Equipment and Through Life Support applications. Able are working on some new technology in wind technology.

  • Advanced Hybrid

    Advanced Hybrid is an Australian Research and Development company formed to develop and commercialise a suite of hybrid technologies to improve energy efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on delivering technology for the renewable energy, large engine and automotive sectors. Whilst we have three core technologies, it is our sCVT technology which is most advanced. The sCVT is a magnetic constantly variable transmission (gearbox) with integrated energy storage and precise digitally controlled. Immediate applications are seen in the Wind Turbine industry. A field trial is now being co-ordinated with anticipated joint funding through the Australian Governments Accelerated Commercialisation Program.

  • Arise Energy Pty Ltd

    Arise Energy Pty Ltd which is an Australian based company was founded by Mr Ahmed El Safty (A qualified and suitably experienced Chemical Engineer) who has invented a bladeless, bearingless Steam Turbine. The product has been developed over a period of 8 years and a provisional patent has been lodged. Arise Energy will finalise the commercial development to bring it to market. Mr El Safty has 28 years of experience which has been obtained through his employment with Philips Scientific and Industrial (R and D Engineer), CSR (Synthetic Fuel R and D Engineer), Caltex Oil (Fuel and Lubricants engineer); Applied Chemicals (Petroleum Engineer); Environautics (Managing Director/Principal Engineer); A El Safty and Assoc. (Principal/Energy Development Engineer) and Arise Energy Pty (Managing Director). Mr El Safty has also designed and developed a patent pending lightweight dual axis solar tracker suitable for rooftops, which is currently available for market. Mr El Safty is now currently finalising the development of an energy storage device without the use of batteries for commercial and residential applications.

  • Enesys

    Enesys links resources and recycles waste streams in ways that are seldom achieved within communities, business or in homes. We are able to do this by developing packaged Sustainable Technology Enabling Products that are independently intelligent and connectable so they can operate with each other as a whole, and talk to you any way you wish. In this “Plug & Play” era, low maintenance packaged energy and resource transformational systems are the key to economically installing ecologically sustainable systems that are user friendly, in increasingly more diverse and smaller places. Enesys creates solutions for and partakes in research and development in • Energy efficiency, energy storage and waste energy recycling • Renewable resources • Smart building design and materials • Zero discharge • Recycling water treatment • Biogas • CO2 utilisation • Enhanced greenhousing

  • RayGen

    RayGen pioneers PV Ultra, an innovative, next generation combination of high-efficiency solar cells and low-cost mirrors. The Australian designed and manufactured technology heralds the future of solar power, combining unprecedented efficiency, lower costs, the possibility to produce both electricity and heat, and the option to locally manufacture the majority of the components. Seven years after its inception, RayGen Resources Pty Ltd comprises a team of 30 employees across engineering, manufacturing and sales, three operating facilities (two at full performance, one commissioning by Q1 2018), production capacity for 25MW p.a. (beginning Q1 2018, currently 8MW p.a.) and a World Record for Solar System Efficiency with UNSW. RayGen has received ongoing investment and support from many private and public investors, including A$4.8m from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and A$2m from the New Energy Jobs Fund in 2017.

  • Reposit Power

    Reposit Power has developed a residential battery management system that allows a consumer to reduce electricity bills. At the same time Reposit’s system improves power quality on the local grid and allows the network company to defer or avoid expensive investments in network infrastructure. It earns revenues to pay for batteries through network and market services. Ultimately this makes the whole electricity system more reliable and cost effective.

  • Wave Swell Energy Ltd

    Wave Swell Energy Limited (“WSE”) is an Australian public unlisted company that has developed the UniWaveTM wave energy converter (“WEC”) unit that employs a proprietary, unidirectional airflow design to convert wave energy into electric power. The UniWaveTM device is forecast to achieve sector-leading power output following evaluation conducted at the University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College, at costs competitive with current wind and solar installations. The design of the unit is simple, effective and scalable. Importantly, the UniWaveTM device has no moving parts beneath the water. WSE has entered into a MoU and is in the process of finalising a PPA with Hydro Tasmania to install an energy converter unit off the coast of King Island, Tasmania, Australia. This unit will be integrated with the existing King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station (“KIAHPS”) which combines energy produced by wind, solar, and biodiesel sources with battery storage and grid stabilisation software. The installation and subsequent data collection through the KIAHPS will demonstrate the full-scale commercial viability of the UniWaveTM energy conversion device.