The Clean Energy Council has published a series of papers examining the impacts of changing the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

A bipartisan Renewable Energy Target - The huge opportunities for Australia
A bipartisan deal on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) has recently been reached between the Federal Government and Labor. This deal, once legislated, has the potential to unlock the significant potential of renewable energy, after a challenging year-long review of the RET.

Report: Financing impacts of amendments to the Renewable Energy Target
This analysis by law firm Baker & McKenzie examines the risks that are likely to arise should the government’s proposal to cut the RET be implemented, and how this would impact financial and contractual arrangements for existing and future large-scale renewable energy projects.

Lost opportunity and big costs – the impact of an unresolved RET review
Outlines the ramifications for the renewable energy industry, electricity consumers and the Australian economy if the current impasse on the RET is not resolved.

Practical, social and financial considerations for meeting the 2020 RET
Demonstrates that the current 41,000 GWh Large-scale Renewable Energy Target can be achieved by 2020 given clear and strong policy certainty.

Costs and implications of increased RET exemptions for aluminium smelting
Explores the proposal for an increased exemption for aluminium smelters as a bridge to bipartisanship on the RET, as well as the effect of this proposal on power prices.

The impact of the RET Review Panel's recommendations on retail power prices
How the RET Review Panel's key recommendations would affect household power prices.

Australia's power generation sector at the crossroads
Explains the issues associated with the current surplus of generation in the Australian energy market.

The impact of cutting the Renewable Energy Target on state jobs and investment
Examines the damage to jobs and investment that will occur in each state if the RET is cut.

The impact of reducing the Renewable Energy Target on investments
One of the RET Review Panel's recommendations is to reduce the RET to a so-called 'real' 20 per cent target. This paper shows why reducing the RET is bad news for investment.

Why the SRES should be retained
Looks at the many reasons we need to retain the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which operates under the RET.